The Octave Master harmonica system


Hello, I would like to introduce you to The Octave Master harmonica system. The Octave Master harmonica system was born out of my own personal journey of learning to play diatonic harmonica octaves.  I was looking for a more efficient way to correctly hear what diatonic octave notes sounded like when played.  I had been using painters' tape to block off the holes between octave notes, however, this process became very tedious and time consuming. Also, there was no harmonica app that I found that could pick up both octave notes at the same time. Hence, the creation of The Octave Master. The Octave Master is the best system available to the harmonica player to help them clearly hear diatonic octaves.  I hope everyone who uses The Octave Master will find it, as I did, an essential asset in helping them become a better harmonica player. Thank you!

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